"I was starting a new business and without Charmagne’s expertise and 'magic' it never would have gotten off the ground. She is an award winning website creator and deservedly so."  DHU, Meridian, Idaho

"Our website received the AMHCA National Award for Best Website in 2008 because of Charmagne Westcott!  Her design ideas and sense of detail are superb!...Within 1 week, Charmagne had obtained a new address and put up a home page.  Within 1 month we had a fully functioning website for communication with our members and interested parties."   D. Pals, Past President, IMHCA

"The site looks fantastic. It comes across professional but also warm and user friendly. The links page is great...Thank you for working on this! You have made a tremendous and crucial contribution to the success of our business." NJ, Boise, Idaho

"Thank you for the website. It is very pretty. I like the colors, pictures and whole arrangement. Good job!"  Board Member, AMHCA

"...very practical and appealing without too much busy-ness" Board Member, AMHCA

"Looks great!!!  Very professional and easy to navigate.  Thank you for working so hard on this!!"  DH, Boise, ID

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